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About Lions Australia

Lions Australia is one of the most trusted organisations in Australia – and with good reason. We have a proud history of supporting Australian communities, whenever and wherever they need us. From disaster relief to community service, the Lions are dedicated to serving our local communities.

For the past 30 years Australian Lions have been spearheading the fight against childhood cancer in Australia. 17 years ago, we formalised our commitment to supporting children with cancer by establishing the Lions Cord Blood and Childhood Cancer Research Appeal.


Since 1996, Lions Australia have shown outstanding commitment contributing over $12 million dollars to childhood cancer research. This effort has resulted in, amongst other things, safer and more effective blood stem cell transportation for leukaemia patients following chemotherapy which can lead to shorter hospitalisation and more rapid recovery. Lions have done a lot but the job is not over because we believe every child has the right to a healthy life.

The Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation (ALCCRF) was officially established in 2009 with our prime focus being to increase survival rates of childhood cancer by supporting cancer research efforts not just here in Australia, but around the world.

About us

How we can increase the survival rate of Childhood Cancer

By allocating funds to the best scientific and clinical research programs across Australia and the world, we are playing an active and significant role in the treatment of childhood cancers. Without our support – and yours – much of the current research in this field simply could not continue.

We believe every child deserves a chance at a healthy life

About us

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Help us fights kids’ cancer.

Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation is a volunteer run organisation with minimal administration fees, which means that almost all your donation goes directly toward the fight against childhood cancer.